Perfect Prep Gel Base Coat

Begin your gel manicure in the best way and give your nails a firm foundational layer with our Perfect Prep Base Coat - it provides the ultimate grip for additional colour. As well as protection for your nails against everyday damage, reduces the risk of lifting, chipping or peeling polish, so you can enjoy beautiful nails for even longer!

Wear this under any of your 516 GEL colours, or Builder Gel. Once cured, it will be slightly tacky/sticky - but don't worry, simply follow up with your gel polish/builder gel/no wipe top coat and cure these layer(s) too. 

*Get a discount by grabbing the full Essential Gel Manicure Trio for best results: Perfect Prep Base Coat, Builder Gel and Super High Shine No Wipe Top Coat.*

Read more about how to use 516 GEL safely in our Gel Nail Polish Guide.

  • Achieve a beautiful salon quality manicure 
  • Chip free manicure for 3-4 weeks
  • Each coat of gel polish dries in 60 seconds in 48w UV/LED lamp
  • Easy removal using acetone nail polish remover
  • Suitable for use at home and in nail salons
  • Nail Technician Discount on 516 GEL available for qualified nail pros. Email:

Size: 15ml / 0.5 fl.oz.

*Notes: swatch images may vary slightly from device to device. 

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