Nail Care Guide

Caring for your 516 Polish:

  • Caution: nail polish is highly flammable and should not be used or stored near a naked flame!
  • Store your nail polish in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight
  • Paint your nails in a well ventilated area
  • Store your nail polish bottles upright 
  • Gently shake your nail polish before use
  • Looking for information about gel polish? Read our Gel Nail Polish Guide



Our top tips for growing long and strong nails:

  • If possible, try to keep your nails painted. Natural nails break more easily when they are exposed, and 516 Polish acts as a fantastic protective barrier for your nails
  • Try not to expose your nails to water unnecessarily for long periods of time. Overexposure to water can make your nails brittle and cause them to peel. We also recommend using gloves when washing the dishes
  • Our motto is health over length. Don't be afraid to cut and file your nails regularly as this promotes healthy nail growth. Holding onto dead or damaged nails will stifle your overall nail growth progress, because your weak nails will eventually break off
  • Moisture is key. Nails can get very dry and brittle, especially in the winter so it is important to hydrate your nails and cuticles with a nourishing cuticle oil several times a week
  • Refrain from using your nails as tools. This means don't use your nails to open tins or cans!

Manicure tips:

  • Whether you've been painting your nails for years or you're a beginner, these simple steps will make doing your own manicure much simpler.
  • To achieve maximum wear out of your 516 Polish (7-10 days+), always start off using a base coat, apply your nail polish, then finish with a top coat to protect your manicure from chipping early.

The 3 stroke method