A Word from our Founder

Wunmi Ladele, Founder and Creator of 516 Polish

"I'm just a normal girl that loves God and loves nail polish, and I want to see everyone consistently represented in the beauty industry.  516 Polish was born out of my love for painting my natural nails, and my frustration with the lack of diversity in the nail polish community. I could never understand, why do so many mainstream and indie nail polish brands not swatch on people that look like me?

I set out to create a brand that firstly, intentionally seeks to showcase our products on under-represented skin tones. And secondly, a brand that formulates beautiful colours that have the potential to be complementary for everyone, particularly people of colour. I believe there is power in being able to personally identify with your favourite brands, and I am committed to making 516 a people-focused brand that you can actually relate to.


Lastly, I named 516 after my favourite Bible verse as it accurately depicts what we stand for. May our foundation verse, Matthew 5:16, always be your source of daily inspiration – let your light shine wherever you go and in whatever you do, and let God be glorified through your good work.


Thanks for visiting our website and God bless you!"


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