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516 GEL helps you achieve a flawless professional quality manicure, whether you're in the salon or at home. Fully trusted by talented nail technicians, clients and equally loved by nail polish enthusiasts! All of our gel polish formulas (one step and three step) are vegan and cruelty free.

All 516 GEL requires curing under a UV/LED lamp. New to gel polish? Read more about how to use 516 GEL safely in our Gel Nail Polish Guide.

What's the difference between one step gel polish and three step gel polish? – One step gel polish requires one step (apply your gel colour and cure). Three step gel polish requires three steps (apply your gel base coat and cure, apply your gel colour and cure, and finish with your gel no wipe top coat and cure). We have decided to offer both formulas to give you variety and greater autonomy over your nail care! 

Nail Technician Discount on 516 GEL available for qualified nail pros. Email: