About 516 (Five Sixteen)

We are 516 Polish (Five Sixteen) – the UK's first indie nail polish brand championing swatch diversity.

516 Polish is Vegan, cruelty free, non-toxic and individually handmade in the United Kingdom. We provide a unique line of nail polish, gel polish and nail care, specifically formulated to complement a diverse range of skin tones. In particular, we want to celebrate and inspire women of colour, with deeper skin tones.

What makes us different we hear you ask? We exist to challenge the under-representation of darker skin tones in the beauty industry not just through our formula, but also by swatching our products on a wider spectrum of skin tones, from the deepest to the lightest shades. We believe that everyone deserves to see themselves equally represented in their favourite brands, before and after committing to make the decision to purchase.

Since every single one of our traditional nail polish range is handmade, you won’t find these exact shades anywhere else! Our colours are exclusive, and our collections are often limited edition.


Our Commitment To Swatch Diversity

In a world where the top players in the beauty industry tell us that beauty is one size fits all, one style fits all and one shade fits all, 516 exists to challenge and shatter this discrimination.

We really mean that. Diversity is at the heart of everything we do as a brand, and we are proud to consciously showcase our product swatches on a wide variety of equally beautiful skin tones. Catering our products to diverse skin tones is not just an afterthought... it is a huge part of our creation process.


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