GEL No Wipe Top & Base Coat Duo

Get ready to step up your gel manicure with this winning combo! Get a discount when purchased as a duo.

Step 1: Perfect Prep Gel Base Coat – our base coat provides the ultimate grip for additional colour or protection for your natural nails. Apply your base coat and cure for 60 seconds in your UV/LED nail lamp.

(Optional: at this stage, you can add your gel polish colour of choice, and cure!)

Step 3: Super High Shine No Wipe Top Coat – complete your gel manicure and give your nails a professional glossy finish. Protects nails from everyday damage, reduces the risk of lifting, chipping or peeling polish, so you can enjoy beautiful nails for even longer. Apply your top coat and cure for 60 seconds, now you're all done!

Remember to use thin layers and check each coat has fully cured. Read more about how to use 516 GEL safely in our Gel Nail Polish Guide.

 Size: 15ml each / 0.5 fl.oz. each

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