Mystery Polish Bundle - We Choose!

With over 60 stunning colours in our range, it can be really tough to choose! Let us do the hard work for you - we'll select 4 different nail polishes from our collection for you, at a discounted price. Mystery Polish Bundles may even include experimental or limited edition colours that haven't yet launched. 

Your Mystery Polish Bundle will include:

  • 4 x 10ml nail polish colours chosen by us (save £4-8)
  • or 4 x 5ml nail polish colours chosen by us (save £3-4)

Optional: 'Add a note' to your order before checkout to let us know if you have any preferences e.g. "I don't like glitter", "I prefer nude colours" etc. We'll do our best to honour this, but Mystery Polish Bundles are designed to be random.

Want to upgrade? Add gift wrap on to your order!